29 Jan, 2020
Genor Biopharma to donate RMB500,000 to battle the coronavirus outbreak in China

SHANGHAI, CHINA—Genor Biopharm, with all employees across 4 sites in China and the U.S., has announced to donate RMB500,000 to battle the outbreak of new coronavirus-related pneumonia in Hubei province, China. The donation will be immediately used to purchase medical consumables and support medical professionals in Hubei. Genor has been closely monitoring the situation and is ready to provide all necessary help to employees from impacted regions.

As a pre-commercial stage biopharmaceutical company, Genor aspires to serve patients and society in China and globally. While Chinese people around the globe celebrate the Lunar New Year, we send our love and support to those currently impacted by the pandemic and the many who step up to fight against the emergency. We firmly believe that we would win this battle with support of all Chinese people as a nation.


About Genor Biopharma

Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd (“Genor”) is a biopharmaceutical powerhouse focusing on developing and commercializing oncology and autoimmune drugs. Genor has successfully developed drug candidates targeting pathways with blockbuster potentials, encompassing top three oncology targets and five out of the ten bestselling drugs globally. Genor has leveraged primarily in-house capabilities in establishing a pipeline of 15 targeted drug candidates with tremendous commercialization potentials in China that cover both proven and novel biological pathways.