19 Sep, 2019
Genor Biopharma Has Announced Completion of the Phase I Single-dose Clinical Trial of GB221 in Patients with HER2+ Breast Cancer

SHANGHAI, CHINA--Genor Biopharma has announced the completion of the Phase I clinical trial of GB221 in HER2+ breast cancer patients. This randomized, multicenter, single-dose trial evaluated tolerance, safety, pharmacokinetic characteristics and immunogenicity of GB221. The results showed that GB221 was safe and had similar pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity characteristics to Herceptin.

The completion of this phase I clinical trial provides reliable data support for other GB221 clinical research and development programs Genor is actively conducting. Genor Biopharma expects to submit the new drug application as soon as possible to benefit more patients in China.


About Genor Biopharma

Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd (“Genor”) is a biopharmaceutical powerhouse focusing on developing and commercializing oncology and autoimmune drugs. Genor has successfully developed drug candidates targeting pathways with blockbuster potentials, encompassing top three oncology targets and five out of the ten bestselling drugs globally. Genor has leveraged primarily in-house capabilities in establishing a pipeline of 15 targeted drug candidates with tremendous commercialization potentials in China that cover both proven and novel biological pathways.