26 Nov, 2021
Shanghai Pudong New Area Intellectual Property Office issued the "Announcement of Special Funds for the Intellectual Property Operation Service System of Pudong New Area in 2021" to reward enterprises with an outstanding performance in intellectual property management capacity building. Genor Biopharma was one of the 12 outstanding enterprises in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area that received this award.
25 Nov, 2021
The 2021 BioSeedin Annual Meeting & 3rd Biopharma Developer Innovation Conference were held in Shanghai from November 23-24, 2021. Dr. ZHOU Xinhua, Founder and President, and Mr. LIN Jun, Vice President of Genor Biopharma, attended the conference and the "Production and quality control of BsAb" sub-forum as chairman and guest speaker.
24 Nov, 2021
On November 23, 2021, Genor Biopharma received the Outstanding Employer of the Year 2021 award from Liepin.
21 Nov, 2021
The first Chinese Lymphoma Patients Conference was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the creation of Lymphoma patients and their families, as well as medical experts focusing on the treatment of lymphoma disease, and a number of pharmaceutical companies, including Genor Biopharma, were invited to participate in the comprehensive communication platform.
15 Nov, 2021
HNHE China 2021 was held in Hainan province from November 12-14. Dr. HAN Shuhua, Chief Scientific Officer, and Mr. CHEN Wende, Chief Operating Officer, of Genor Biopharma were invited to attend the conference and deliver speeches at the forums.