24 Jun, 2022
Genor Biopharma and Abogen Biosciences Announce a Cooperative Development Agreement to Jointly Develop Globally Innovative mRNA Products and Related Pharmaceuticals

Shanghai, China, June 24, 2022 - Genor Biopharma (Stock code: 6998.HK) announced today that the company has entered into a cooperative development agreement (the “Cooperative Development Agreement”) with Suzhou Abogen Biosciences Co., Ltd (“Abogen”) to jointly develop globally innovative mRNA products and related pharmaceuticals.


According to the Cooperative Development Agreement, the Group’s biological antibody development platform will be integrated with Abogen’s mRNA technology platform to enable the Group and Abogen to jointly research and develop mRNA drugs for tumor treatment.


As an innovative, platform and integrated company with the ability to carry out innovative medical research and development, preclinical research, clinical development, registration, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) development and commercialised manufacturing, the Company strives to develop globally innovative advantageous products with patents around the world. At present, the Company has successfully established the global first-in-class (“FIC”)/ best-in-class (“BIC”) differential research and development platform for early identifying bi-specific/multi-specific antibodies in immune-oncology. Innovation and exploration of FIC/BIC potential have been conducted in multi-dimension based on the in-depth understanding of our research and development team regarding targeted antibody molecular biology, cell biology and immunological mechanisms. To date, a number of projects for discovering bi-specific/multi-specific antibodies with FIC/BIC potential have been initiated. The Company is optimistic about the prospects of the application of mRNA technology in the pharmaceutical field. Through this cooperation, the Company expects to fully leverage the Company’s early exploration of highly differential FIC/BIC potential and the advantages of the respective platforms of both parties to accelerate the exploration and research and development of potential mRNA drugs for tumor treatment.



About Abogen

Abogen is a clinical-stage biotechnology company advancing mRNA-based therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Since establishment in early 2019, Abogen has developed its own mRNA technology platform and proprietary delivery system which empowers the development of a series of drug product candidates including vaccines for infectious diseases and therapies for cancer. In June 2020, Abogen’s mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine has become the first mRNA vaccine approved for clinical trials in China. To date, the vaccine has completed the phase I and phase II clinical studies and is under evaluation of phase III clinical trials. Abogen obtained manufacturing license for COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in November 2021.