30 Mar, 2022
Genor Biopharma obtained EC approval for EGFR/cMET/cMET trispecific antibody (GB263T) in Australia

Shanghai, China, March 29, 2022 - Genor Biopharma (Stock code: 6998.HK) announced today that the company has obtained the EC approval from the Bellberry HREC Ethics Committee in Australia, for the first-in-human (FIH) clinical trial of GB263T, a novel EGFR/cMET/cMET trispecific therapeutic antibody, in patients with advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and other solid tumors.


Meanwhile, China IND application was officially accepted by NMPA on March 28, 2022.


GB263T is a highly differentiated EGFR/cMET/cMET tri-specific antibody targeting EGFR and two different epitopes of cMET. The research and development of GB263T fully demonstrated the advantages of cross-team collaboration and helped to expand the organization’s international capabilities and reach. Working closely with globally renowned KOLs, the clinical trial protocol was finalized on the date of obtaining the toxicology data, substantially speeding up submission to the EC.