30 Dec, 2021
Genor Biopharma included on the "2021 New Economy Most Valuable Listed Company" list by CaiLian Press

With the theme of "Gathering Momentum and Making a New Start", the CaiLian Press Investment Summit of 2021 was held in Wuxi on December 30, 2021. During the conference, the “2021 New Economic Trends Lists” were officially released. Genor Biopharma was included on the "2021 New Economy Most Valuable Listed Company" list.



In recent years, driven by the development of pharmaceutical R&D technology, the global biopharmaceutical field has been developing rapidly. Thanks to the fast review and approval process for new drugs and capital market reforms that allow unprofitable companies to list on the stock market, pharmaceutical innovation in China is enjoying its greatest opportunity.


After over 10 years of continuous pursuit of core technology and an independent innovation capability, Genor Biopharma has thoroughly implemented superior technology in R&D, CMC, and product production, forming core competitive advantages.


  • Genor Biopharma has built its twin engines of innovation and research through its R&D center in Shanghai and Antibody Therapeutics Inc. based in San Francisco.


  • Its industry-leading CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls), is enabled by developed comprehensive bioprocesses and formulations, manufacturing preclinical and clinical materials with advanced analytical, quality control, and quality assurance systems for compliance; and the GMP commercial manufacturing facility. The company has achieved continuous, comprehensive, and integrated development in IND, clinical trial development, NDA, commercialization, business development, and finance.


  • Genor Biopharma has 10+ product candidates under rapid development in clinical trials or the clinical application phase, each of which has its own unique advantages. The company’s bispecific and multi-specific discovery platform, which engineers novel and highly differentiated therapeutic antibody candidates, has been widely recognized by the industry.


  • Members of the company’s management team with over 20 years of industry experience form a balanced portfolio of expertise spanning research discovery, clinical development, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, commercialization, and financing.


  • Some of the world's leading tumor immunologists and clinical oncology key opinion leaders have been appointed to serve as members of its Scientific Advisory Board. They are accelerating the pace of global innovation, providing valuable input on Genor’s FIC potential and differentiated pipelines, and supporting the rapid advance of candidate drugs for clinical development in China, the United States, and Australia.


Independent research and innovation ability is the field that brings the greatest value to patients and creates the most long-term value for enterprises. Genor Biopharma adopts global innovation standards, has a global layout, and is engaged in expansion.


The review committee of the “2021 New Economic Trends Lists” invited mainstream securities firms, investment institutions, well-known authoritative experts, and industry media to form an authoritative expert group. It leveraged comprehensive information as a data source and took three months to select industry models with a rigorous attitude.



About the "2021 New Economy Most Valuable Listed Company" list

The selection of the "2021 New Economy Most Valuable Listed Company" list by CaiLian Press aims to deeply explore the new direction of economic development, accurately grasp the new opportunities of the digital economy, adapt to the evolution of China's economic development pattern and objective economic conditions in the post-epidemic era, and gain insights into new forces and tap new drivers. It hopes to further promote the steady, long-term, and high-quality development of China's economy and contribute to the prosperity and vigorous development of the new economy.


About CaiLian Press Investment Summit of 2021

In the first year of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, the domestic and international environment has become more complex and critical, and reform and development tasks are arduous. The Chinese economy still shows positive momentum for development. Through innovation in China, opportunities and challenges coexist. Guided by The Shanghai Press Group, and co-hosted by CaiLian Press and the People's Government of Wuxi’s Binhu District, the CaiLian Press Investment Summit of 2021 will help enterprises make timely decisions and seek high-quality development in 2022.