25 Nov, 2021
Genor Biopharma participates in 2021 BioSeedin, showing the technological advantages of BsAb

The 2021 BioSeedin Annual Meeting & 3rd Biopharma Developer Innovation Conference were held in Shanghai from November 23-24, 2021. Covering 15 cutting-edge technology topics and 150 selected topics, the conference attracted the participation of more than 2,000 R&D elites, accelerating the development of China's biopharmaceutical R&D industry.


Dr. ZHOU Xinhua, Founder and President, and Mr. LIN Jun, Vice President of Genor Biopharma, attended the conference and the "Production and quality control of BsAb" sub-forum as chairman and guest speaker.

Mr. Lin introduced Genor Biopharma's cutting-edge bispecific and multi-specific discovery platform, as well as its industry-leading R&D center located in Shanghai that is focused on CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) development. With the theme of “Structure, Functions and Purification Strategy of BsAbs", he introduced the complex structure and diverse functions of BsAbs. He pointed out that BsAbs have complex structures, multiple functions and more complicated product/process-related impurities. To purify BsAbs is a great challenge, and a reasonable design and combination of separation technologies can favor success.

Genor Biopharma is committed to becoming a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise with the end-to-end development capability of innovative antibody drug integration platforms, covering molecular development, CMC, production, pharmacology/toxicology, clinical development/registration of bispecific and multi-specific antibodies, and development of innovative products with global rights. At present, it has six global rights FIC/BIC bispecific and multi-specific antibody products, four of which were listed as "Late Breaking Abstracts" by AACR in April 2021 Abstracts: CD20/CD3 (GB261), PD-L1/CD55 (GB262), EGFR/C-Met/C-Met (GB263T), and Claudin 18.2/CD3 (GB264).


GB261 achieved the first patient dose in its first in human clinical trial (FIH) in Australia in October 2021. The other five preclinical molecules are in the IND Enabling stage and are expected to be submitted to IND between the second half of 2021 and the end of 2022. In addition, six global FICs are in the drug molecular development stage, and are expected to be submitted to IND in 2023, aiming to tackle intractable tumors.

As the first summit in the industry focusing on biological drugs’ R&D, the conference is famous for its technology and practical cases. It aims to enhance the capabilities of target discovery, sequence optimization, manufacturing process and quality control, preclinical evaluation of biological analysis, clinical trials, application and patent protection, etc. and analyze standards, practices and data on R&D platforms and tools.


In addition to the main forum, "New power of Chinese pharmaceutical companies", there were several sub-forums. They included “Emerging targets and translation medicine in cancer immunotherapy", " Production and quality control of BsAb", "Research on cancer therapy", "TNFSF", "Future therapies", "Transformation strategies in drug development", "Differentiated clinical development", "Combination therapy" and "Latest progress in immunocell therapy".