21 Nov, 2021
Genor Biopharma Participates in First Chinese Lymphoma Patients Conference

On November 21, 2021, the first Chinese Lymphoma Patients Conference was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the creation of House086.com. Lymphoma patients and their families, as well as medical experts focusing on the treatment of lymphoma disease, and a number of pharmaceutical companies, including Genor Biopharma, were invited to participate in the comprehensive communication platform.


"10 Years Together, Witness Hope" was the theme of the conference, which reviewed the development of services for lymphoma patients, lymphoma diagnosis and treatment, and drug and policy development, with the aim of exploring breakthroughs to support lymphoma patients in the future.

At the T Cell seminar in the afternoon, Professor CAI Qingqing from the Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center introduced the good effect of immunotherapy on NK/T cell lymphoma.


A patient, Mr. Li, was diagnosed with nasal NK/T cell lymphoma in 2019. It was in the later stage, and a PET-CT examination showed sternal invasion. Considering the young age of the patient, Professor CAI Qingqing proposed a treatment plan of PD-1 combined with chemotherapy for better efficacy. A complete response (CR) was assessed after four cycles, and radiotherapy was performed after six cycles, with continued maintenance of PD-1 therapy. At present, the patient's blood DNA monitoring has confirmed that deep remission has been achieved, and the use of drugs is expected to stop by the end of the year. The patient has recovered well. In 2020, he completed the Guangzhou Marathon.

Mr. Zhang, a patient with PTCL, shared his experience in clinical enrollment and treatment with Gerolimumab, which has brought hope and confidence for the treatment of the majority of patients with peripheral T-cell lymphoma.


After Mr. Zhang, a regular truck driver, was diagnosed, he became a member of House086.com and joined the PTCL sub-group. Following the first-line regimen (Chidamide + CHOPE), the words "progressive disease" made all the previous treatment futile. The second-line treatment (Lenalidomide + GDP) resulted in severe anorexia and distress. In desperation, Mr. Zhang joined the clinical trial group under the advice and management of Dr. Zhang Huilai, the director of the department at Tianjin Cancer Hospital, and Dr. Qian Zhengzi, the attending physician. After seven treatments with PD-1 Gerolimumab, Mr. Zhang’s lung infection decreased from 4.7 to 2.5, and his weight increased from 120 kg to 145 kg.


In addition to supporting the successful holding of the conference, Genor Biopharma actively participated in the conference through a booth and other forms to show its R&D advantages – clinical and at other levels. We are willing to work with clinicians to provide innovative treatment plans and quality services for lymphoma patients.


During the conference, House086.com honored Genor Biopharma with the Building Award for its patient-centered efforts to bring better treatment options to Chinese lymphoma patients.

House086.com published the "2019 White Paper on Survival of Patients with T-cell lymphoma" in 2019, involving 696 patients with T-cell lymphoma. According to the white paper, 59.1% of patients are currently receiving treatment, 36.8% are "out of treatment," and 3.0% are "currently without treatment," indicating that many T-cell lymphoma patients are in urgent need of targeted and innovative treatment options.


Compared with B-cell lymphoma, patients with T-cell lymphoma tend to respond poorly to CHOP chemotherapy, with poor prognostic outcomes and five-year overall survival (OS) of less than 30%. In particular, patients with (R/R) PTCL have a worse prognosis, with a median OS of only 5.5 months. Therefore, patients with PTCL are more urgently in need of innovative treatment to improve their treatment outcomes.