15 Nov, 2021
Dr. HAN Shuhua and Mr. CHEN Wende from Genor Biopharma attended HNHE China 2021

HNHE China 2021 was held in Hainan province from November 12-14. Dr. HAN Shuhua, Chief Scientific Officer, and Mr. CHEN Wende, Chief Operating Officer, of Genor Biopharma were invited to attend the conference and deliver speeches at the forums.


Dr. HAN Shuhua, CSO of Genor Biopharma, attended the 2021 Global Oncology Innovation Summit Forum, whose theme was "Strategies of Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies in Innovative Oncology Drug R&D." Dr. HAN pointed out that after more than 10 years of rapid development, China has established an indigenous innovation ecosystem and opened the era of internationalization. The R&D of innovative cancer drugs in China has ushered in an unprecedented good era.


In view of the rapid development of tumor immunity globally, immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy or other antitumor treatment has shown great clinical potential. On the basis of strengthening the in-depth research and understanding of target mechanism and related disease pathogenesis, multi-dimensional innovation exploration is the basic qualities that innovative drug companies should possess. Considering the complexity and difficulty of tumor treatment, the combination therapy and the application of dual antibody and the application of bi-specific/multi-specific therapeutic antibodies can exert can exert synergistic effect through signal blocking of double targets, effectively preventing drug resistance, thus creating stronger specificity, reducing off-target toxicity and have better clinical treatment effect.


Mr. CHEN Wende, COO of Genor Biopharma, shared his views at the Innovative Drug Access Policy Sharing Forum, whose theme was "Discussion on Innovative Drug Access Strategy in China – Addressing the Affordability and Accessibility of Innovative Drugs for Chinese Patients." He pointed out that science, technology and innovation are key to solving diseases, a common problem facing mankind. Affordability has improved significantly over the past 10 years. In particular, a significant proportion of innovative drugs are included in the National Medical Insurance Negotiation Category after the establishment of mechanism. The accessibility of innovative drugs to patients has been greatly improved, which is also a very good incentive for medical innovation. However, there is still a significant gap for high-value innovative medicines. For cancer and rare disease patients in particular, as approval speeds up and more innovative drugs are approved for the market, the access to health insurance for high-value drugs is limited by price, the high proportion of out-of-pocket payment will become more prominent.


Mr. CHEN suggested building a multi-level medical security system with national basic medical security as the main body, with clear priorities and multi-party coordination to jointly solve the problem of patient payment. Critical illness insurance program, policy-based commercial medical insurance, medical assistance, and the establishment of rare and special disease funds will help to bring more high-value drugs into the insurance or increase the payment for high-value drugs. At the same time, entrepreneurs are encouraged to devote themselves to medical and health welfare undertakings and take the road of common prosperity. This requires patient-centered cooperation in policy, supervision, R&D, manufacturing, channels, services and capital supply to jointly build an ecosystem of sustainable development.


After four successful sessions, HNHE China has become an important conference, attracting attention from the global medical and health industry. More than 6,000 experts and scholars from around the world gathered in Hainan for the conference. In addition to the China International Healthcare Industry Summit Forum, the conference had more than 20 sub-forums for in-depth discussions on themes such as "The Transformation from One Health to Integral Health’,” "Response to Global Public Health Issues," " Healthy Cities" and "Internet + WITMED."