02 Nov, 2021
Dr. GUO Feng, existing executive Director and CEO, Appointed Chairman of Genor Biopharma

Shanghai, China, November 2, 2021 – Genor Biopharma (Stock code: 6998.HK) announced today that Dr. GUO Feng, existing Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Genor Biopharma, has been appointed Chairman of the company.


Meanwhile, the Board further announced that Dr. LYU Dong, currently the managing director of Zhuhai Gao Ling Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. is appointed as a non-executive Director of Genor Biopharma.


Dr. GUO has been responsible for the overall management, business and strategy of Genor Biopharma since April 2020. During this period, Genor Biopharma has made significant progress in its expansion and development, with significantly differentiated bispecific and multi-specific antibodies, steady progress in clinical trials and pipeline, and expansion of the management team and layout of its business development. This has prepared the company for its accelerated takeoff.


The appointment shows the Board of Directors’ trust in Dr. GUO, the high recognition of the management team’s work, and the full confidence in the company’s future development.